About Us

Afrilia.co, formerly known as AfriliaCloset. It was founded in April 2015 by DyazKhan, an 18 year old Engineering intern from Temasek Poly who has a flair in putting together the most affordable clothes she can find. 

She believes that one feels good especially when one is most comfortable and that is why she strives to place priority over comfort in her outfits. 

AfriliaCloset is widely known as an online store which sells modest clothes however over the years have evolved & are working towards being more than just a brand. Thus, that is how Afrilia.co came about!

We are not merely just an insta-shop which sells apparels, we care for you beyond that. Call us a friend or family, we:

  • create opportunities within our brands for individuals to earn income
  • provide informal consultation & advice for start-ups/existing businesses
  • (freelance) design marketing tools for your business product/services
  • create websites for businesses

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